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Our goal at Rise Martial Arts Academy is to impact lives with the positive benefits of martial arts training.  To instill and uphold the martial arts values of respect, integrity, and self-discipline in order to achieve a level of excellence in all areas of their lives!  


Rise Martial Arts Academy offers exciting and energized martial arts classes for children, teens and adults. Classes consist of martial arts from all over the world. Self-Defense orientated Striking, MMA-Striking, Kickboxing, ground-fighting, Jiu-Jitsu, as well as traditional techniques and forms from Karate and Taekwondo.


The owner, Nils Johnson, has 30+ years of extensive Martial Arts training and teaching experience in Multiple styles. Johnson, holds several black belts, 1st degree in Karate, 1st degree in Taekwondo and a second degree black belt in a multi-style martial arts system under Ernie Reyes' West Coast World Martial Arts. Ernie Reyes' West Coast World Martial Arts is one of the most prolific and influential martial arts schools in the world. They have been featured in every martial arts magazine both nationally and internationally. Their World Action Team was one of the first to use creative musical forms in America and have done demonstrations around the world. In addition, Johnson is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

RISE Martial Arts Academy has worked with many schools and martial arts organizations as an instructor, teaching classes and after school programs. 

Rise Martial Arts Academy now has two locations! Both schools offer a bright, energetic training space with new heavy bags and pads, along with a comfortable waiting area for friends and family to view classes. Join us in our newest location in Old Saybrook for a brand new space and the opportunity to become our first generation of advanced students in a small group setting!


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